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Product Overview

Monitoring relays

TELE monitoring relays ensure the availability and reliability of your plant or machinery by precise parameter monitoring to provide sustained added value.
Functions for all applications: current- and voltagemonitoring over temperature and level, to phase sequence and active power


Cut out time-consuming maintenance, service costs and production stoppages. The electrical parameters can be used to obtain an accurate picture of the mechanical forces at work on the motor drive shaft and thus provide protection against overload, blocking and mis-operation


Timers from TELE, ranging from the simple single-function through to the multi-function timer with display, are employed in all branches of industry.
Various voltage ranges or even zoom supply are available to permit worldwide application.

WatchDog pro

WatchDog pro is a quantum leap in the field of monitoring technology. It is a modular, industry-compliant monitoring system that combines classical monitoring and time-related functions with the communication potential of fieldbuses, SMS and e-mail.

Compact control units

This range of units offer simple solutions for common tasks. Powered by the knowledge of typical challenge in automation business an easy implementa-tion is a premium in the design of this units. Control of dual pump sets, energy management or sequence control are typical applications.

Coupling units

Coupling units allowing manual intervention in the control process provide benefits in maintaining and operating individual plant sections.
Current transformers for converting analog signals or temperatures to standard signals are also available.

Switching relays

Switching relays are proven, rugged components which still provide numerous useful features.
They are robust, switching DC and AC loads ranging from milliamperes to several amperes and there is a wide range of accessories available.

Safety relays

In addition to emergency-stop and safety door monitoring, these safety standards can also be used for safety mats and light curtain. Two-hand control and time delay for controlled shutdown complete the TELE range of safety products for man and machine.


Devices for different power classes are available for continuously optimized startups and shutdowns and for eliminating sudden stresses on conveyor systems, elevators and pumps.
Different models help to reduce maintenance costs.

Breaking units

The compact braking units from TELE can be used to brake a wide variety of motor types easily, quickly and safely without mechanical wear.
Motors rated up to 400KW are braked by an electromagnetic field without additional mechanical components.

Thyristor control units

For continuous and demand-based control for single- and three-phase loads it is possible to use phase control or in the case of heater elements, multi-cycle control.
By eliminating wear, you increase availability and reduce costs.

Current transformers

Providing reliable sensing results even at high currents of up to 1,500 amperes.
The current transformers are available as bar and baffle type models with a wide variety of currents for a broad range of applications.

DC Power supplies

TELE offers you a wide range of power supplies with a variety of voltages and functions together with very high efficiency, covering compact DC supplies, installation-type units and regulated switch-mode power supplies.

Time switches

These digital time switches rely to execute your individual settings in day-, week- and year-based programs. The range of functions also includes block configuration for common switch events on several week days as well as selecting output pulses as an alternative to on/off events.

Hour meters

TELE hour meters provide you with an accurate count and indication of the operating time clocked up by your plant, machinery or equipment.
This enables you to know exactly when e.g. warranties have expired or maintenance is due.

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