BTG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative technologies and expertise to the Pulp & Paper industry. With 90 years’ experience developing systems and processes to meet the evolving demands of a highly competitive sector, our portfolio covers every aspect of P&P production.

BTG measuring instruments for P&P process include consistency, chemical, mechanical and recycled pulping, stock preparation and advanced wet end process technologies, including the world-renowned MütekTM Lab and MütekTM Online ranges.

For metering and doctoring applications, BTG’s patented Duroblade® high-performance long-life blade technology continues to revolutionize coating, creping and printing processes, boosting productivity and quality by combining exceptional wear-resistance with improved performance.

In a world increasingly characterized by one-size-fits-all solutions delivered by large, highly-diversified corporations, BTG has chosen to remain a dedicated supplier of specialized P&P technologies. In addition to that, BTG has developed tailor-made applications for a scope of industries from food & beverage to waste water and from textiles to cosmetics.

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