Mounting, testing and commissioning

Contacting our customers we try to meet their requirements related to the types of delivered equipment, respecting their needs for the equipment standardization in the plants, reducing thereby needs for heterogeneous spare parts.

The equipment delivery and works we perform according to our own projects as well as the other firms' projects, depending on the investor's choice.

After completion of the mounting, we perform testing and setting of the complete system and issue the testing protocols necessary for the technical control and delivery of an object, for the individual systems as well as for the complete installation.

In collaboration with a technologist and the investor's staff, we participate in commissioning of the complete plant, also in operation parameters settings.

In agreement with the investor we carry out the equipment maintenance, in guarantee period and after its expiration, also ensuring the spare parts supply and performing preventive and annual maintaining and repairs.

According to the investor's wishes we take over the complete engineering management in construction of an object, which ensures to the investor less engagement of his own potentials for jobs coordination. In collaboration with renowned partners and cooperators we take up the construction of the complete mechanical installations, the building construction works as well.

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