Making of low-voltage cubicles in industry and construction

For the purpose of realization of our own project solutions as well as for the other users' needs, we work in projecting and mounting of the low-voltage cubicles in industry and building construction.

In cubicles the components from well-known producers are built in, which can be defined by the customer in order to ensure the equipment unification in his plants.

  • Distributive cubicles in low-voltage distribution
  • Electromotor drives cubicles - non-regulated
  • Cubicles for regulated electromotor drives
  • Cubicles with automation systems, meterings, PLC's
  • Cubicles for mounting on and building in the walls in building construction
  • Benchboards and cubicles to control the engines and production lines

All cubicles are especially tested before delivery and the special protocol in relation to the testing results are issued. Every customer may be present at final testing if he wishes to.

For all other information contact ST Inženjering d.o.o.

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