About us

About us

The ST Inženjering firm has begun with activities and services in July 1997. The firm is a private property. Our business is engineering in automation, industry plants, electric power plants in different branches of energetic, petrochemicals, pharmacy, nutrition industry, wood processing and building industry. The services we offer are: designing, equipment delivery, mounting, testing, commissioning, servicing and repair of equipment. We also offer modernization and substitution of the outdated equipment and control systems.

Our offers imply the solutions for delivery and mounting of equipment of the well-known manufacturers from our country and abroad such as Siemens, Fisher Rosemount, Honeywell, ABB (switching equipment for electric power plants, measuring sensors and converters, automation systems, PLC's).

In order to enlarge our activities and to offer to the clients high quality solutions, besides our basic business, we deal with representing of the foreign firms.

Since we completely understand our customers' requirements and increasing competition on the international marketplace, our primary aim is the customer's content with our services. In order to realize such a determination the firm has invested in the employees' education and in equipment quality, so we possess the certificates according to the Quality control system ISO 9001:2000.

According to the collaboration with the metering and regulating equipment producers from our country and abroad, we perform:

  • Making of the project documentation (main and executive projects, tender documentation);
  • Industrial plants equipment;
  • Performing of works (up to level "the key in the hands");
  • Maintenance of metering and regulating equipment in usage (repair and removing all malfunctions, permanent maintaining);
  • Metering and regulation of physical quantities (temperature, pressure, flow, level);
  • Devices for analyzing and dosage (pH, conductivity, containing O2);
  • Modernization of the complete automatics, introducing systems for visualization and supervision;
  • Repair of metering equipment, regulating valves, converters;
  • Air condition and ventilation systems;

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